More violence in Strathcona; a stalwart defense of the CBC; and the National Post launches ... a newsletter!
This week, the other The Line — one of the primary organizers of anti-mask protests around the country — was barred from Facebook, perhaps by JFK's REA…
Line Editor
People can gyrate along with 10 strangers while spewing droplets into the air inside an enclosed dance studio, but you can’t lift well-sanitized weight…
The story of #zoomdick is awful. It’s also, inescapably, very funny.
When he bows down before the demands of whoever is running the "woke" movement, then I don't know who would be in charge of government.
Meaghie Champion
Hate this Dispatch? Whatevs. We reject your criticism. Firmly.
Line Editor
Who can blame Big Tech for seeking to curry favour with the Democrats in such a moment?
Jen Gerson
The Corp in this guise has wandered so far from its core purpose that there is no longer a visible path to redemption.
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