On a very Trudeau kind of scandal, a very NYT kind of screwup, a very weird Globe essay, and a passive-aggressive demand for money.
The Liberals could have opted for some common sense safeguards. They didn't.
Should municipalities fund newsrooms? Why aren't the Globe and Times failing? and why are news websites so damn awful?
Line Editor
The Fair Deal initiatives will give Albertans a real sense of independence. An equalization referendum is useless.
David McConkey replies to Jen Gerson, and reminds everyone that the key to a good life isn't believing, but belonging.
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Good news for the PM (and Canadians), bad news for some dudes in Syria, and bitter realities for Albertans.
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The PM won't lose votes for skipping the genocide vote. But he may lose some sleep.
Matt Gurney
The PM's response to the Uyghur genocide motion stands out simply because it put all his hypocrisy on display at once.
Kaveh Shahrooz
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