With Putin on the run in Ukraine, we need to consider some scenarios that would have seemed crazy just a few months ago.
What happens to a community, or a nation, when there is no spine of shared narratives? We are finding out.
The CPC never thought much of Trudeau, and he beat them three times. The LPC can't make that same mistake now.
Social media meets sea food. The CPC's attack on the media continues (and a bit of LPC hypocrisy surfaces). Plus: Weed, Ukraine, and gigantic fake…
A Very Special Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.19Listen now (70 min) | In a Very Special Episode, Matt Gurney takes a long look at why the Conservatives are turning away from, and giving up on, the…
Nothing any Conservative says or does will convince you, the fabled centrist voter, to vote for us. Don't be shocked when they give up and look…
The Liberals, who have made identity politics central to their party brand and keep trying to connect Poilievre to white supremacism, should be worried.
I'm not convinced that some of the most damaging critiques of Poilievre have yet to hit the mark
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