A recent CBC investigation determined that in the last four years, 83 coaches have been charged or convicted of a sexual offence against an athlete in…
The sooner the Liberals realize they're trying to do the impossible with their gun ban, the better it'll be for them.
A bad poll for Trudeau. A reversal on guns. A big media update. And a reminder that we don't live in a clash of narratives, we live in a country.
Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.36: The LPC shoots itself in the foot, but won't ban the gun Listen now (43 min) | The Abacus poll! The gun-control proposal flops! Media updates! And why reality matters, not just how we "frame" it.
The Liberals' ethnic-organization-to-parliament pipeline seems to be broken.
There is nobody, anywhere, seriously suggesting that Canada should import American-style health care to our country.

January 2023

But not for the reasons you think.
The best person in the federal government to lead a difficult conversation about our fiscal future is Chrystia Freeland
What's broken in our society. Danielle Smith vs. the CBC. More pain for Postmedia.
Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.35: Smith vs. the CBC, Toronto vs. itself Listen now (54 min) | So things aren't really getting back to normal, eh?
The extended post-Soviet Union period lulled us into a feeling that nuclear annihilation was as retro-obsolete as big hair and rugger pants.
As for the big problem hanging over all our heads, well, that one we're just stuck with.