Meng goes free, but what of the Michaels? Also, why the Liberals are setting themselves up for a nasty fall, and why Canada can't get things done
Division and uncertainty mean fewer Canadians can decide on a majority option.
Raise a glass and come join The Line editors as we drink in a new government
Canada is not only more divided and polarized than it was in 2019, it is more divided than it has been at any time in the last half century.
On electoral reform, when calendars get made, and dodging questions in the final hour.
OK, so, this weekend didn’t go the way we intended. As per the new routine here at The Line, our week-ending dispatch is now for paying subscribers onl…
We don't know what will happen on Monday. Otherwise, it's defence pacts, Covid crises, and a return of the old guard.
This was an election about nothing. It’s a tribute to vanity, and an excuse for the callow pursuit of a power with no aim.
If the moderates can't hold the CPC, our democracy will be the worse for it.
The Alberta premier bet his remaining political capital on COVID being over.
PPC supporters are wildly divergent from the typical Canadian on all issues around vaccination and efforts to boost vaccination rates.
Trudeau has squandered Canada’s valuable open border with the U.S. in a short-term effort to gain political support.