We don't know what will happen on Monday. Otherwise, it's defence pacts, Covid crises, and a return of the old guard.
This was an election about nothing. It’s a tribute to vanity, and an excuse for the callow pursuit of a power with no aim.
If the moderates can't hold the CPC, our democracy will be the worse for it.
The Alberta premier bet his remaining political capital on COVID being over.
PPC supporters are wildly divergent from the typical Canadian on all issues around vaccination and efforts to boost vaccination rates.
Trudeau has squandered Canada’s valuable open border with the U.S. in a short-term effort to gain political support.
Nobody's taxing your home ... yet. Money falls from the sky, and why you should Never Trust the Polls.
On memories of 9-11, fearing for the Prime Minister, and maybe not burning books please.
How much do you hate this guy over that one to not-solve the country's problems?
Bernier's empty vessel of a party might be the perfect outlet for millions of very, very angry Canadians fed up with pandemic restrictions.
Data is meaningless without human context
In which you will be forced to bear a child at the point of an assault rifle while paying more than you ought to for a liter of milk.