The scale of Ottawa's defeat is a jarring and continuing indictment of the capacity of the Canadian state, and the state must reverse this situation…
The WEF portrays itself as a highly influential elite organization. In reality, it's an overpriced sales conference.
While French commandos in buses got their people out, we sent texts (in English) telling our friends to head to the airport on their own
The abrupt end of an anchor’s career makes sense to HR experts and the executives hoping the audience will move on quickly, but it poisons the team.
Houses exist to juice the economy and keep the elderly afloat on paper gains well into their retirement years.
This crowd is mostly friendly. But anyone telling you there's no dark edge here is either blind, or lying to you.
Crazy people don't think they're crazy. You can't see it when you're in it.
Alberta's real advantage isn't its tax structure.
Thinking the dark thoughts. Federal politics. Media chaos in Canada. A crisis in the U.K. And the comments section returns, God help us.
Paul Wells speaks to Lt.-Col. Melanie Lake, who recently returned from training operations in Ukraine.
Have our public-health communicators learned nothing from the pandemic? The audience isn't experts. It's normal people.
When good politics becomes bad politics, and gosh, that can happen in a hurry. MAID. Soccer. And which province is crazier?