Nov 26, 2022 • 1HR 25M

Experimental The Line podcast episode #0.27: David Lametti, the Attorney General of Canada, hurt Matt's feelings

In our longest and probably most raw and honest episode, Matt and Jen respond to what we've learned at the POEC, but also what we didn't learn, and take our first pass at understanding it all.

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Jen Gerson
Matt Gurney
Commentary for Canadians.
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Oh boy. This one is long. But it’s important. The Line decided early that it would closely watch the Public Order Emergency Commission in Ottawa, but it would steadfastly refuse to draw any conclusions until it was over.

It’s over. The testimony is complete. Justice Paul Rouleau is off to write his report. And now The Line has to begin its work, too, and that includes a long and careful look at our own reporting during the February crisis.

Overall? We think we did really well. But there is at least one thing we got wrong, and one thing we just don’t know about — and that’s really frustrating.

So please take the time and listen. This is as honest as we can be about what was an obviously exhausting and stressful time. If you like what you hear, please subscribe today, and help us continue our work.

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